As Enchanting As Paradise

Both tourists and local celebrities are flocking to this island due to the pleasant weather, sandy beaches, and beautiful views. Best of all, surfers from all over the world come here to taste thrilling natural waves, unlike anything you have ever experienced before.

It is currently being featured in popular media and other platforms due to its serene environments and warm climate. Supping your favorite drink on the sandy shores of this small but remarkable island is just a tiny taste of that the enchanting paradise has to offer. 

It Is Not Crowded Yet

With so many attractions in Siargao, you would think that it would be crowded. Considering that it is smaller than most islands, it would be impossible to find a moment of peace or relaxation.

Luckily, this untapped paradise is rarely crowded. Not many people have been to this island, and so you will find open spaces making it an ideal tropical paradise. It can be your little secret to get away before the crowds start flocking in. 

Intact White Sand Beaches

One of the best benefits of heading to a rarely explored island is that you get to experience intact white sandy beaches. Many beaches today do not hold the glamor of the virgin white sandy beaches of Siargao. These pristine naked white sand and surrounding blue water will help you unwind. 

Vibrant Island Nightlife

If you have never experienced island nightlife, then Siargao is the best place to usher yourself into this exciting lifestyle. Jungle bars offer an authentic tropical nightlife complete with signature cocktails and upbeat music. Tattoo Jungle Bar is a commonplace to visit, so be sure to stop by the lively party palace. You can also pass by RumBar, Stow Away Disco, Together Bar, and Octopus Bar. After a few party-filled nights, you can take a break by visiting any of the nighttime cafes for a more chilled experience. Pleasure Point CafĂ© is a local favorite for coffee and delicious pastries. 

Surfs Up

There is no better surf spot in SIA THAN Siargao. It is the surf capital of the Philippines and home to the signature break, Cloud9. Many resorts located within this island are found where Could9 visits the eager tourists. It is here that you can find surf competitions held every twice year. These competitors attract a lot of surfing enthusiasts to view the activities from a three-level viewing deck. You can watch the action up close if you do not participate in it. Good breaks can be found all over the island, including on Guyam Island, Jacking Horse, and Tuesday Island. If you still do not catch a sound wave, you could always follow the locals because they know exactly which spots are best for the day depending on weather patterns

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